The world of Lyannus-Fey has seen much change and turmoil over its numerous centuries of life. From the Chaos Years to the Years of the Gods, Humanity has shaped the world into their own reality as their ambitions have driven the other humanoids into hiding within the uncharted places of the land; some even attempt to struggle with the political and economical chaos that only humans can produce. From various schools of magic to technological advances, Humanity seems to have become the dominant species in existence. Heroes and warlords alike have risen when the times call for their respective roles to facilitate change within the ever-changing world.


The most adaptive species of the land has been known to give in to the deepest shadows of their hearts, seeking forbidden magic and unholy alliances that threaten the balance of the land. It is during these despairing times that the greatest heroes are needed to end the coming darkness.

Now, toward the end of the Year of the Gods 811, something ancient stirs. It is unknown whether heroes will hear the call for this new threat, but it will most certainly change the face of history as the Humans see it…

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