Legacy of the Ages

First Mission Cont

"Mercs Log" by Verom

After arriving at what this Necidian Sergeant Isard calls a outpost, looks like it could be one but it cant even field two squads, we found everyone dead. They were picked clean of supplies ten of them with a eleventh found later on a hilltop as a lookout, not much one of if there all dead.

All the tracks are indicating that a lot of arrows were used and precise sword work. Tracks lead into the mountains smaller size if I miss my guess. The ground had been used a lot so it was hard to tell. I found the trail the best and lead them up, we had a run in with what they called Wyvern, flying half dragon/half scorpion things. The killed one of the axeman puppies we ran from them they had every advantage and we had no quarrel with them besides the dog chow they made.

We found a large cave mouth and decided to send what I now found out was a half-orc in with that damn shifty eye guy and the dark eyed girl’s bat. They found Krilloth’s, vile things, smart but use poison which I find wrong. We decided to bug out and come back after were refreshed. Catch up with some goblin’s and one of them ,Garn, seems bright I tell yeah. Give us a whole story about some rock thing and a elf guy and magic killing those soldiers down there. I didn’t believe it at first but the little one with the story was too stupid to make it up. Garn and Gorn brothers yeah right, and my brothers a eight foot giant…

They bring us to there chieftain a shaman named Bk’argkh, sounds like a sneeze, Isard and him talk business about the supplies and this big orc comes in making a fuss Kruk’tharn. Thought we just stepped in shit right there because he brought six of his boys with him. Him and the shaman had a stare down and Kruk’tharn backed off, but as far as I could see this wasn’t the first or last time. Isard and us mercs had a meet decided for a little side cash help the shaman out.

Isard gave up the outpost supplies including the weapons and arms to help with the fight, and we tracked Kruk. He meet with some of the Krilloth’s we saw before and we found he paid them off to attack to rebel against the shaman. I guess that means I get to earn my keep swing my sword and kill a few goblins…



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