Legacy of the Ages

Prologue: Mercenaries in a Tavern

Date: Airday, 16th of Coldwatch, 811 YG
Location: The Alewatch Tavern near the western border of Necidia (en route into Tarmalaine)
Players: Isard Galliniyer, Krezin, Themistocles, Verom
NPCS: Darren, Ill’Razul, Kayanlee, Ralen Baywright, other adventurers and mercenaries

The story begins with a busy inn and tavern known as the Alewatch. This three-story building supplies such necessities as stables (complete with a small selection of horses for purchase at a reasonable price), hot baths as required, plenty of tables in the common room (including some set into dimly-lit sections for more “clandestine” meetings) and a post board for job postings. As it is law within Necidia to provide any potential work within public areas through the use of written postings and town criers, this is a major stop for those traveling into Necidia from the rest of the continent.

However, good work has been slim at best within the last week or so. Many mercenaries and adventurers have been staying at the Alewatch for days waiting for good-paying work to do, their coin purses dwindling to only a few meager gold.



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