The wise and venerable shaman and chief of the Stonefang goblin clan.


While not as physically impressive as some of the warriors, Bk’argkh (pronounced buh-KARG) is of an age that is clear testament of the many winters he has seen and of the wisdom undoubtedly earned from his experiences. He is a little smaller than most of the clan, though his spindly arms reach an inch or two farther than the others. His overly large hands give the impression that he was supposed to have grown up as an orc, but something must have gone wrong during physical development. What little hair is left on his head is generally kept tied in a topknot. Despite all of his physical flaws, one can see that he – unlike the general impression left by his younger kin – thinks every word and action through before committing to something whose consequences will move beyond his control. In fact, his solid gray eyes show such intelligence that one wonders if he was raised by humans at some point in his life.

He is usually seen with his powerful man-sized shortspear called Linestrike and his constant companion Sthess the mountain lion, so he travels among his clan confident that no one will try anything stupid.

  • He is quite adept at diplomacy with others.
  • He appears to be a capable leader who puts the survival of the clan above all else.
  • He is worried that Kruk’tharn will make a move to depose him and bring ruin to the Stonefang clan.
  • He has shown himself to be calm and tolerant even of “surfacers.”
  • He shows massive fatigue as it appears that the task of leading his clan while worrying about potential uprisings and assaults weighs heavily on him.


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