A runt of the Stonefang goblin clan who has been adopted by Gorn as a younger brother.


Easily the runt of the entire Stonefang clan, Garn is usually seen following the Treedweller Gorn around. Perpetually in awe of his “older brother,” Garn’s clumsiness and completely non-threatening presence actually aid in his passing unnoticed by others. Officially one of the cooks of the clan, the bright green-eyed goblin is usually seen battling epic imaginary foes… with his wooden spoon. While a most excellent cook, Garn’s youth and lack of real experience could prove to be dangerous, though whether for Garn himself or those around him is a debate best left for the Algerothian Council of Magi.

His pet, Scrappers the lucky spider, is almost always around, though the little vermin has had more close brushes with death by Garn’s side than the average goblin does against groups of fanatic adventurers.

  • It is obvious, even at a glance, that he is not actually related to Gorn.


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