Calculating Treedweller in a clan of Cavedwellers


The first obvious characteristic of the goblin known as Gorn is his green skin; in a clan of Cavedweller goblins, he stands out alone as what appears to be an adopted member. Though a bit large for a Treedweller, Gorn seems extremely comfortable with himself. He walks with strong confidence and a courage against the unknown that isn’t usually seen in goblins. His gold eyes shine in the relative darkness of the caves even though he appears to lack the darkvision of his adopted clan. Twin fighting daggers are strapped on his belt, though he is rarely seen without his favorite crossbow, the Needler, or his favorite cap.

  • He does not display fear when dealing with others.
  • He is cool and calculating when he deals with others; a personality trait shared with the clan’s current chief, Bk’argkh.
  • It is believed that, of the members of the Stonefang tribe who have officially met the party, Gorn is most likely to succeed Bk’argkh.


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