A skilled bounty hunter with a history of violence who wishes to atone for what he believes to be a grave mistake.


Rugged and sturdy, the man garbed in a simple travel cloak stands still, the wind blowing what little of his black hair that escapes the raised hood. His exposed arms heavily muscled and scarred with signs of his active past, he moves with a death-like calm that rivals the patience of a hunting snake. Upon a second glance, it is noted that his left ring finger is missing.

The greataxe he carries seems to have a sheen to it, not unlike the effects of an early morning dew on grass. The blade also has what appear to be runic engravings. The scythe strapped onto his back looks to be well-crafted, though the runes on the blade are fewer and quite different-looking. He also has a short sword strapped to his hip.

  • He appears to be a follower of Odin.
  • He admits having fallen out of favor with Rynn after a disagreement six months ago. He claims that Rynn has completely changed ever since she met a fellow in Nedros named “Larek.”


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