[NPC] Kayanlee

Arcane caster


Clearly of Nedrothian blood as judged by her pale skin, long black hair finer than silk, tall stature, and generous bust, the spellcaster known as Kayanlee appears cool, confident, and unafraid of the lusty gazes she tends to draw. Usually dressed in rather conservative clothing for travel, she does have a dress or two that are probably illegal in some places. She is usually equipped with a spear or her trusty light crossbow, though she tries not to rely on them if she can help it. Her bat familiar, Keese, is a constant companion of hers and she can be seen talking to it every morning in some strange language.

  • Usually keeps to herself during travel and doesn’t exert herself if she notices that the group has things under control. She’s extremely friendly if approached, however, and isn’t afraid to strike up conversation if necessary.
  • Spell selection seems to involve deception and charm more than anything else.

[NPC] Kayanlee

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