[DEAD] Krilloth Sorcerer

Krilloth Sorcerer (Black Dragon Bloodline)


The sorcerer who led the assault on the Stonefang Clan is a decidedly ugly female krilloth with a heavily-scarred face and body. She has various patches of skin on her body where her fur no longer grows. While she is of average height for her race, her large body gives her the appearance of one afflicted with stocky bone structure. An obvious spellcaster of some type, she is well-respected among her brethren for her magical talents, so she has a position of leadership among them.

She carries a bone staff adorned with various glyphs and runes.

The krilloth sorcerer was slain in darkness by Ralen as she tried to escape from the losing battle.


[DEAD] Krilloth Sorcerer

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