[DEAD] Kruk'tharn

Cavedweller Orc with a nasty temper


Standing fully at six feet five inches and weighing well into three hundred pounds, Kruk’tharn walks with a gait that displays his love of strength and brutality. Scars completely cover his face, and his left eye seems to have been lost in some battle of the past; skin has healed over the missing organ, giving him a more intimidating look. His remaining dark brown eye burns with such ferocity that most of his clan actively avoid his gaze for fear of his retribution. When he speaks, one can feel the timbre of his powerful deep voice rattling one’s bones.

Strapped to his back is a deadly-looking curved two-handed blade known as a falchion; while not necessarily rare on the Zhenin continent, falchions of such masterful craftsmanship such as the one Kruk’tharn carries usually originate from the southern islands.

  • He appears to have a serious hatred for “surfacers.”
  • He is believed to be in league with a nearby tribe of Krilloths, who, according to Ralen, are set to assault the goblin cave soon.

Kruk’tharn was slain in battle by the combined efforts of Verom and Themisticles, with Isard providing healing.


[DEAD] Kruk'tharn

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