Selfish Rogue


Dressed for mobility, stealth and the ability to vanish in a crowd, Ralen is plain-looking enough that he doesn’t draw unwanted attention when he doesn’t want to. His face is riddled with scars, a testament of whatever troubles he has had throughout his life. His short brown hair is left unbrushed, though he usually keeps his hood up while traveling anyway. He wears a long sword at his hip, a short bow on his back, and appears to have an endless supply of daggers when he feels he needs them.

  • Ralen doesn’t appear to trust anyone, never consuming anything handed to him even by fellow travelers.
  • He has some knowledge of how organized crime works.
  • Ralen slew the krilloth sorcerer who seemed to be in charge of the krilloths that attacked the Stonefang Clan.

Ralen left the party without word or notice when they discovered Rynn’s lair along with the newest members. Suspicions of demonic possession are rampant throughout the group’s overall psyche.



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