[DEAD] Rynn

A cold, distant ranger who protects the Bastionwall Mountains northwest of Tempus Vendus.


An imposing female figure, Rynn seems to have been formed from the very hills she protects. Standing still even in the wind, no movement appears to ever be made without deliberation on her part, and her clothes seem to shift subtly to blend in with her surroundings. Dressed in a rugged suit of studded leather with a long sword strapped to her back and a short sword on her right hip, Rynn moves with precision and intent. Though attractive, something about her eyes speaks volumes of her dedication to her mission. What that mission may be is yet to be determined.

  • Graben has claimed that Rynn has become corrupt, turning against the very humanoids that she once protected because of a man in Nedros named “Larek.”

Rynn was killed by Isard and his party when they confronted her in a cave network near her lair. She had displayed her “gift from Larek” in the form of a dangerous human/spider hybrid form.


[DEAD] Rynn

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