Verom is from Wyrrh'Vaelan, it is obvious by the way he dresses and keeps his hair in braids. He wears just a chainmail shirt and a bastard sword more suited for a small giant than for him


Gender: Male
Race: Human
Homeland: Wyrrh’Vaelan
Deity: Frostmyr
Class: Fighter (Two-Handed Specialist)
Age: 27
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 197 lbs
Hair: long brown (braided)
Eyes: Blue
Languages: Vaelanese, Common, Giant, Necidian, Tarmalanian
Money on Hand:

Strength: 19 (21) Intelligence: 14 Maximum Hit Points: 74 Fortitude: 10
Dexterity: 16 (18) Wisdom: 15 Initiative: 4 Reflex: 7
Constitution: 16 (18) Charisma: 12 Base Attack Bonus: +6 Will: 7
Speed: 30ft CMB: +11/Sunder +17 CMD: 25 Grapple 30/Sunder 33/Disarm 30
Armor Class: 21 Touch: 14 Flat-Footed: 17
Armor Worn Mithril Chainmail +2 Shield Worn None

Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword)
Iron Will
Shield of Swings
Power Attack
Improved Sunder
Furious Focus
Master Craftsman (Weaponsmithing)
Greater Sunder

Special Abilities
Heart of the Fields: adds a bonus of ½ lv to one Craft skill (Weapons) and can ignore Fatigue or Exhaustion 1/day
Weapon Training
+1 dmg, +1 hit with all two handed weapons

Skill Name Key Ability Ability Mod Ranks Total Modifier
Acrobatics DEX
Appraise INT
Bluff CHA
Climb STR 5 1 +9
Craft (Alchemy) INT 2 1 +6
Craft (Weaponsmithing) INT 2 6 +18
Diplomacy CHA 1 1 +2
Disable Device DEX
Disguise CHA
Escape Artist DEX
Handle Animal CHA
Heal WIS
Intimidate CHA 1 1 +5
Knowledge (Arcana) INT
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) INT
Knowledge (Engineering) INT
Knowledge (Geography) INT 2 1 +3
Knowledge (History) INT 2 1 +3
Knowledge (Local) INT
Knowledge (Nature) INT 2 1 +3
Knowledge (Nobility) INT
Knowledge (Planes) INT
Knowledge (Religion) INT
Knowledge (Tactics) INT 2 1 +3
Linguistics INT +2 1
Perform CHA
Perception WIS 2 2 +4
Profession (Soldier) WIS 2 2 +6
Ride DEX
Sense Motive WIS
Sleight of Hand DEX
Spellcraft INT 2 1 +3
Stealth DEX 4 1 +5
Survival WIS 2 1 +6
Swim STR 5 1 +6
Use Magic Device CHA
Weapon Attack Damage Crit Range Type Notes
Large Bastard Sword+1 11/4 or +11 2d8+15 or 2d8+18 19-20 M S
Sunder at 17/10 or +17 2d8+17 or 2d8+20
Heavy Flail mk 13/6 1d10+15 19-20 M B Sunder at 19/12 1d10+17
Longbow +1 +5 Mighty 11/6 1d8+6 20×3 120ft P 40 arrows
2 Dagger +10 1d4+5 19-20 10ft P 2 daggers

On Person: Large Bastard Sword+1, Heavy Flail, Backpack, Bedroll, Blanket, Flint and Tinder, 2 Daggers, Whetstone, 2 Waterskins, Traveler’s Outfit, Chain Shirt, Rations (2 days), Ioun Torch_, 2 Potions of Crafter’s Will
On Heavy Warhorse: Heavy Crossbow with 40 bolts, Artisan’s Tools,Smithing (Mwk), Tent, 2 Traveler’s Outfits, Rations (6 days), Silk Rope (50ft), Saddlebags, Military Saddle, Old Breastplate Verrin

Daily Progression: | | | | | | | | | | |
Bonus Spells: | | | | | | | | | |
Spell DCs: | | | | | | | | | | |
Prepared Spells
0th Level:
1st Level:
2nd Level:
3rd Level:
4th Level:
5th Level:
6th Level:
7th Level:
8th Level:
9th Level:

Early History

Verom had a normal life up to the age of 6. Well as normal as one can get in Wyrrh’Vaelan, a norther cold harsh place. Lived in a small village with his parents and older sister. Was out playing one morning and Giants came out of the mountains looking for loot and food killing everything. He was whisked away by a older couple on the edge of town and never saw his family again. The nearest city had his Uncle Jorn his Aunt Lorna and there three sons, even though he was young he was old enough to remeber visiting it early that year and begged the people that save him to help find his Uncle. At the Age of 12 Verom had been learning to identify some herbs from here Aunt who’s a herbalist, and he starts learning some of the forge from his Uncle like all his older cousins did. At Age 16 it was clear that Verom was going to be shorter than most Vaelanese not at least 6 feet like his cousins or most others. He at this time followed his cousins into the Vaelanese military. At the Age of 22 Verom had his First run in with any kind of Giants as a adult

The Slayer

Verom checked his weapon again as he looked around at the surrounding countryside for any signs for intruders or monsters or well anything that would do harm to him or the patrol he was with. He was a the second man in charge a corporal of this eight man group and the sergeant he was under Vlod was a hard man with many years of experience so he listened closely when he talked. This was there second day out to the north of Wr’halen and the farmed lands had taken on a decidely wooded feel mostly conifers. It was the warm season almost no snow on the ground so most of the men wore chainmail armor with bare arms. They were out this way because of reports of monsters in the area carrying off sheep. They didn’t find anything so far and wanted to head a little into the thick of the woods to make sure before returning to make there report.

Karom there lead scout and most likely why things went south so quick, never realized he was dead. A spear about twice as large as a man appeared in the side if his head splitting his helm and sending him crashing to the ground. The trees shook and 4 roughly nine foot tall half giant creatures ran out brandishing large swords and axes. Within seconds some of his men were down and he jumped back from a swing.
His attacker used a weapon simliar to his but a bigger version, a hand and a half sword, and swung it in a wide arc with a impressive reach. Quickly Verom moved in and stabbed after the swing into the gut, but it didnt pierce past the hide furs the half giant wore. He immediately pulled out and braced for a block from its back swing. Verom felt his bastard sword shudder than give way as it snapped a good foot from the hilt. The Giants weapons was deflected but it careened into his helm knocking Verom down and his helm off.
Verom knew he had to move as he saw some small lights in his vision and tried to roll forward towards the thing. He felt something hit the dirt behind him as he rolled facing upwards he grabbed for his dagger and scrambled up as the half giant was starting to retract its weapon. Verom grabbed one of it’s arms hosited himself up and jammed the dagger as hard as he could into it’s throat. Blood covered his arm as the creature gasped and struggled against the dagger. It topples forward as he scrambles out of its way realizing there is a spear in its back with Vlod at the other end of it.
Verom warns Vlod but it’s too late the last half giant swings it’s axe at his back before he can bring his spear to bear. Verom grabs for the nearest weapon the half giants bastard sword, it’s heavy probaly four times as heavy as his old one. He grunts and swings with all his effort and it connects with the creatures arm as it is finishing off Vlod. The Half Giant screams in pain and blood gushing from a stump that used to be his arm, stumbles back and falls over dead. Looking around Verom realizes he is the only one alive.

Late History

After this Verom starts using a heavier slightly longer bastard sword, 16lbs, 4 1/2 feet long. At age 22 Verom is a Sergeant and is the only one again that survives a battle. The first time it happens he is seen as luck and skilled the second time as just skilled. Than when it happens at a bigger battle at the age of 24 he is seen as being cursed. He is pretty well know in the Wyrrh’Vaelan military as the cursed giant slayer.

Recent History

From 24 to 27 he has wandered off the isle in Necidian and Termailian and Algothian taking mercenary jobs and traveling seeing large portions of the world and picking up some useless knowledge.


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