Amulet of Sorrow



A cut sapphire encased in a transparent silver teardrop and attached to a fine silver chain. The sapphire gleams when held by someone who has experienced intense grief in the past.

Amulet of Resistance +2, Protection +1 and Natural Armor +1; -1 morale penalty to Attack Rolls.

  • Currently used by Isard.

The Amulet of Sorrow was once worn by a man named Zerrin Lancaster, a minor Nedrothian noble who had lived during the days of Tarmalaine’s uprising. Zerrin was a relatively peaceful man who happened to be well-trained in the use of bows and crossbows. He was also educated in military tactics and troop movements as his father was a captain of the Nedrothian Army. Zerrin had been against the uprising of the southern section of Nedros (the region that would become Tarmalaine) in the beginning, believing that the people were rising beyond their class.

However, during a skirmish campaign near Fort Bastionwall (a fort that is now a tavern), the young man’s soldiers captured a group of rebels that included a beautiful woman named Isleyra. Zerrin was instantly smitten with her beauty and courage to stand against the well-armed soldiers, so he began to favor her first by protecting her from his men, then even allowing her and her company a chance to remain at their camp – not as prisoners, but as guests. The soldiers were shocked at their commander’s orders, but remained quiet about it.

During a scouting mission into the nearby foothills, the soldiers guarding the camp decided to remove the cause of their leader’s weakness: they told their “guests” that they were free to go, then shot them with their crossbows as they were leaving. When Zerrin returned, they told him that they were caught speaking to some other rebels and were on their way to rendezvous with a larger group intent on destroying the camp.

Zerrin was devastated when he discovered Isleyra’s body among their number. He immediately withdrew from his soldiers, commanding through his lieutenants, and mourned her. When the regiment returned north to what is now Tempus Vendul, he commissioned an amulet to be made in memory of the woman he had loved for a few weeks. The Amulet of Sorrow was that amulet, though it wasn’t enchanted in the beginning. It gradually earned its power from Zerrin’s own pain as he lost the will to fight. He disappeared from his room one night, never to be seen again. The soldiers that killed Isleyra became ill with Black Wind Fever and died soon after, causing rumors that Zerrin learned the truth and cursed them when he disappeared.

Amulet of Sorrow

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