Icy Discordance

A greataxe once owned by Graben the bounty hunter

weapon (melee)

A vicious-looking greataxe that has a perpetual sheen thanks to its enchantment, Icy Discordance is an Anarchic Icy Burst Greataxe +1 that has served Graben for some time. He gave the weapon to Themisticles after Rynn’s death, stating that it would only haunt him with memories of his former companion and lover. He also mentioned that it will better serve the half-orc’s nature.

  • As an Icy Burst weapon, Icy Discordance deals 1d6 cold damage per attack. During critical hits, it deals 1d10 points of damage instead.
  • It deals an additional 2d6 points of damage against Lawful creatures.

Icy Discordance

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