weapon (ranged)

Composite Long Bow

This beautiful bow, carved of Tarmalanian white ash, has designs of various birds – exotic and common – carved along the shaft. The handle remains smooth, however, with high-quality green leather bound around it for a better grip. When one holds the bow, ambient noises almost seem to hush themselves to barely audible as if in awe of the wielder.

Sonic Composite Long Bow (Strength +4) of Distance +2

Deals an additional 1d4 Sonic damage per arrow hit. Also, twice per day, Shriek can enchant an arrow that then emits a high, piercing noise (hence the name) that causes all within 10ft of the arrow to make a Will Save (DC 13) or suffer one of the following effects, determined randomly:

1) Stand there fascinated with the arrow for 1d4+1 rounds.
2) Become temporarily deafened for 1d4 rounds
3) Immediately become frightened and begin running away for 1d6+1 rounds
4) Become enraged with the bow’s owner and immediately head into melee rage, disregarding all others for the duration. This effect confers a +2 morale bonus to attack and damage on the target for 1d4 rounds.

Note that the special ability of the bow will always destroy the arrow so enchanted unless it is already magical, in which case it retains the 50% destruction chance.

  • Currently used by Krezin.

Shriek was crafted for Zerrin Lancaster on his eighteenth birthday by his father. It is said that he loved the bow so much he had would rather die than be forced to give it up.


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