Our story begins in the Alewatch Tavern, a busy roadside inn located on the western border of Necidia where mercenaries and adventurers await postings for new jobs worthy of their skills.

Session One
A group of adventurers and mercenaries are hired by a Necidian Cleric of the Dawnbringer for a journey into the foothills of the Bastionwall Mountains.

Session Two
The group discover a goblin clan hidden within a labyrinthine network of caves deep within the foothills of the Bastionwall Mountains. They have become tangled up in a silent battle between the chief and the captain of the defenders. Now, with a sudden assault from a nearby tribe of krilloths looming over them, the party are preparing for a massive battle – one which may very well determine the fate of the Stonefang goblin clan for generations to come.

[[Those F#$%king Orcs — By Tem | Session Three]]
The group aid the Stonefang clan in their defense of the caves. At first, the krilloths seem to have an almost suicidal, albeit organized, assault. Then, their leader shows her ugly face with a special weapon: an earth elemental apparently under her command. The elemental tunnels through various portions of the caves, creating new entrances to other areas. The party splits their forces to try and head off the leader and find, unsurprisingly, Kruk’tharn and his friends with her. After a climactic battle atop the Highcliff, the group defeat the traitorous orc and the krilloth sorcerer and are thus proclaimed heroes of the Stonefang Tribe.
The party learn about the “mountain protector” named Rynn and, after some partying, decide to seek her out.

Session Four
The group seeks out the mountain ranger named Rynn with a goblin guide, who leads them to the “usual rendezvous point.” [to be continued]


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