Brief overview
Note that more detailed descriptions – complete with demography, geography, and various other information – will be uploaded over time.

Zhenin Continent
Algeroth (“Algerothian”) – Magocracy. The western portion of the Zhenin continent, the Council of Magi leads this fertile land with a kind yet stern rule. The people adore the wizards of the council as well as most other casters; however, they are wary of Sorcerers, since they’ve had more issues with demented or malevolent types than not.

  • The regional language is Algerothian.
  • The banner is a pair of brown crossed staves on a white crescent shape atop a sky blue background.

Keidran (“Keidrish”)– Autocracy. Keidran lies to the north of Algeroth as a separate “state” run by the Lord Ambassador. A part of Algeroth until about 150 years ago, Keidran was formed when one of the wizards of the then-Council of Magi, Agathas Forwynus, decided to turn his tower into the castle that is now Castle Keidras. He allowed his most trusted bodyguard and friend, Balderov Dumas Keidran, to run the land. Now, it is a region of lush grasslands and forests that enjoys trade with most of the other kingdoms. Also, Keidran has become famous for its ranks of elite defenders known as Arch-Knights, who train with both steel and magic to defend its lands. They also raise domesticated griffins and some of the most sought-out breeds of horses one could hope to own.

  • The regional language is Algerothian.
  • The banner is a silver long sword crossed with a silver rod over a dark gray background.

Nedros (“Nedrothian”) – Monarchy. Nedros, the second largest country on the Zhenin continent located on the northern section, is currently led by King Ryidick Van Nedros XII. Nedros is a nation of extremes, with beautiful castles and towers dotting the eastern region while whole cities and keeps alike have fallen to ruin and have even become havens for unsavory creatures toward the west.

  • The regional language is Nedrothian.
  • The banner is a gold greatsword, blade pointed down, over a red crown on a black background.

Necidia (“Necidian”) – Theocracy. The eastern portion of the Zhenin continent, Necidia is a rather strange kingdom. As a theocracy (with Perrycus and Vynn as their patron deities followed by all others), they have declared themselves neutral in most worldly matters. As such, a lot of the mercenaries and adventurers who sell themselves out to the highest bidders originate from Necidia. As of 811 YG, the current leader is High Templar Rellin Faukner (LN m H Clr12/Wiz12), a rather distant leader. Many centuries ago, Necidia and Nedros fought in what is now called the DarkWars: according to local legends, creatures from a dark dimension filled with writhing shadows and deadly unknown “things” floating about had been involved. One of the world’s two most famous arenas – The Crimson Coliseum of Necidia – is a national monument to the sport of battle. Many from all around the world attempt to garner a spot on the stands, or even on the battlefield, in order to prove their worth. The nation is also known for what is considered to be the greatest creation that blends magic and science: the Airship.

  • The regional language is Necidian.
  • The banner is a gray crossbow crossed with a silver composite short bow over a green small shield on a black background.

Tarmalaine (“Tarmalanian”) – Democracy. The largest country of the Zhenin continent (though hardly as united as its neighbors), Tarmalaine rests between Algeroth (which lies to the west), Nedros (to the north), and Necidia (to the east). Currently, Tarmalaine is neutral territory in that it wants nothing to do with any of the regional insanities going on between the other countries. As of 811 YG, its current Regional Speaker (a form of representative in matters of the country) is Sharia Jenson, a young woman who tries hard to prove her worth to the rest of the land.

  • The regional language is actually split between three: Algerothian, Nedrothian, and Necidian.
  • The banner is a bronze gavel lying beside a rusty farming scythe on a brown background.

All Other Nations
Almase [pronounced al-MASS-ee] (Almesian”) – Nomadic Tribes. The desert kingdom of Almase lies south of Tarmalaine. The brutal conditions of the land make it rather difficult for anyone to settle here, but the Almesians have existed and prospered here for many centuries, surviving each searing day and frigid night through constant enduring and skill. Because of the environment, the Almesians utilize strange equipment and weaponry in their endeavors, ranging from throwing disks known as chakrams to deadly three-bladed punching daggers known as katars. It is believed that the scimitar originated from these people. They currently do not really deal with other regions except for trade (especially for wood and other rare resources). The other world-famous arena, known as “The Sand Pit” or simply “The Pit” is located near the northern coast. It is the only permanent structure from Almase’s ancient era that has stood against time and desertification.

  • The regional language is Tyr.
  • Almase has no banner; however, each of the nomadic tribes that wander the dunes have their own unique mark of some type.

Hu Tsung Shou (“Shou Tsungene”) – Feudal. Hu Tsung Shou, like its neighbor Takeshi to the south, is a flourishing foreign land with exotic people, lifestyles, beliefs, and cultures that lies north-east of the Pirate Islands. The land is separated into 9 different states, each run by a prince (or princess) who, in turn, answers only to the Emperor.

  • The regional language is Shou Tsung.
  • The banner is a circle split into nine equal parts, with each piece being of a different color (each one related to a gem or mineral): ruby, gold, emerald, sapphire, onyx, silver, amethyst, charcoal, and quartz. The background is white.

Layra Ve’laine (“Layran”) – Monarchy/Magocracy. The vast jungle region of Layra Ve’laine is a dangerous area filled with unexplored wilderness and fierce territorial denizens. Located south-west of Algeroth, Layra Ve’Laine has but one major settlement – the magic-run kingdom of Layra Ve’Duraine. The kingdom is run by a powerful wizard highlord known only as “Vedacus.” It is rumored that there are grand temples dedicated to ancient gods hidden within the dense jungles of the island; whether this is true or not has never been proven as all who have tried have either never returned or have gone insane (and are now committed in the infamous Veridaine Asylum within Layre Ve’Duraine).

  • The regional language is Layran.
  • The banner is a black cat with a white scarf-like article of clothing over a dark green background.

Rielreef Islands [pronounced ry-EL-reef] (“Islander”) – Democracy. Located south-east of Necidia, the islands once known as the Pirate Isles are a collective of island-cities that have banded together in a non-aggression truce to prevent any other nations from wandering in and conquering their territory. Not yet a full-fledged nation in the eyes of some, the eight island cities – Devraskyll, Moralin, Vordemaul, Llelowynnith, Cyanith, Kunon, Fort Dubrane, and Kyril – are all filled great sailors, shipwrights, and traveling carpenters. All eight islands have a rather tropical feel to them (with Kunon and Fort Dubrane being the warmest yet most well-defended) complete with some forests and tropical jungles. Currently they are in a trade agreement with just about every other region since their ships and sailors are so sought out. The Ghalleon Labyrinth – a collection of old ships anchored together to create a huge floating “town” – is an amazing spectacle; it spans the waters between Vordemaul, Llelowynnith, and Cyanith and is arguably the nation’s largest “city”.

  • The regional language is Isle-Speech.
  • The banner is a carpenter’s hammer crossed with a woodcutting axe (both brown) over a green palm tree on a sky blue background.

Takeshi (“Takan”) – Monarchy. A strange land with strange customs, beliefs, and ideas (at least, to everyone except Hu Tsung Shou), Takeshi is a modest-sized mountainous region located further east of the Pirate Isles. With their strange (and heavily sought out) curved swords known as “katana” and their local guardians, the “samurai”, Takeshi is a relatively peaceful land ruled by the Great Emperor who is thought of as a god. The seat of the Emperor is located in the beautiful central city of Ryuga. The major belief in the land is known as Unitarianism [Buddhism, effectively]. Warriors who focus on honing the power of the mind and body into one true being fight side-by-side with spellcasters who attempt to unite magic with skill.

  • The regional language is Takan.
  • The banner is an off-white scroll – upon which is a bronze sword, a silver scrolltube, and a gold prayer necklace – over a dark brown mountain silhouette on a white background.

Tyr’Ghale (“Tyrish”) – Monarchy. Due west of Almase, Tyr’Ghale is a wasteland of marsh, swamp, jungle, and even some desert and rocky barrens. However, the land’s pitiful condition does not stop its ruler, the Matron Celeste, from ruling with an iron fist. While she outlaws the practice of magic (keeping the right to do so an earned priviledge, which is extremely difficult considering that one had to become one of her royal guards), she is a rather powerful caster herself. Also, there is a labrynthine network of catacombs and natural caves – collectively known as “The Tyrish Maze” – rumored to span across most of the island, although the only entrance discovered thus far lies near the castle’s southern keep. The Matron has made this cavern into a form of attraction, selling high-priced goods and services to those foolish enough to venture into the catacombs, usually from which they never return; a lot of times, she’ll also send prisoners – each given the promise of freedom for success – tasked with exploring as much as they can before they inevitably perish. One rumor of note is that the Matron Celeste is the same one who succeeded the last Tyrish monarch almost a century ago.

  • The regional language is Tyr.
  • The banner is a silver coin pouch and an elegant gold staff over a cracked brown background.

Wyrrh’Vaelan (“Vaelanese”) – Theocracy. With Jezendra, Kal, and Verryl as their “Holy Tribunal”, the people of the arctic island of Wyrrh’Vaelan are a dangerous lot. Led by “Kal’s Elite Inquisition”, fear and terror is the main driving force in this land. Gerridus Frostshear, The High Cleric of the Holy Tribunal, has become quiet as of late, though Necidia seems to have some tension with the frozen nation. It is rumored that deep glacial rifts and caverns interconnect the various smaller islands with each other and with the main body, though what dangers lie within are mysterious indeed.

  • The regional language is Vaelanese.
  • The banner is the combination of the holy symbols of the Holy Tribunal: Jezendra, Kal, and Verryl.


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