Lord Odin, LG god of Wisdom
Portfolios: Humans, Valor, Wisdom
Domains: Glory (Heroism, Honor); Knowledge; Nobility (Leadership, Martyr); Protection (Defense); War (Tactics)
Favored Weapon: Boar Spear or Long Sword
Cleric Training: Clerics of Odin are always trained side-by-side with paladins who follow the Lord of Wisdom. Both the cleric-to-be and the paladin-to-be are taught the faith and the history; most of the time, paladins and clerics split only to learn their class-specific abilities (clerics in spellcasting and paladins in martial ability). In truth, there are more paladins among Odin’s disciples than any other faith.

Quests: The Lord of Wisdom always wishes for his faithful to work together in quests that he bestows. Most of the time, his quests involve plenty of battle with a far stronger foe paired with the subtle quest of seeking true wisdom.

Prayers: As Lord Odin is a powerful warrior as well as the Lord of Wisdom, paladins and clerics always pray to Odin with the utmost humility and respect, using phrases such as “Lord of Wisdom, this humble servant of thine is unworthy of thy attention…”

Temples: Odin’s temples are sturdy, defensible fortresses where both prayer and training can take place without interruption.

Rites: Whenever a disciple has reached some honest epiphany that holds much wisdom within, they always thank Odin for his insight and immediately let the clergy know of the instance (they don’t reveal the specifics, however, for wisdom belongs only to the one who acquired it). Then, the faithful and the clergy both begin an hour-long ceremony honoring Odin’s sacrifice for his wisdom (this is also the ONLY time his sacrifice is mentioned by his faithful. Ever.)

Relics: Gugnir

Herald or Allies: Sir Zarith Lonevicus, a powerful paladin who was reborn as a celestial being centuries ago, is Odin’s messenger; however, his presence usually means that a great task must be accomplished soon (and great tasks usually also mean powerful opposition, usually from Fenrir).


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