Radriel, LG god of Dawn (Dawnbringer)
Portfolios: Light, Rebirth, Undead Destruction
Domains: Fire; Healing (Resurrection); Law (Archon, Devil); Repose (Souls); Sun (Day, Light)
Favored Weapon: Bardiche
Cleric Training: Acolytes who wish to become clerics in Radriel’s name usually undergo martial training, scholarly study, and spiritual meditation in equal measures. As they will be expected to be able to destroy undead whenever they see them, they must be prepared to do battle immediately – unless, of course, retreat can allow for better preparation. The Dawnbringer doesn’t mind delaying destruction of undead a few hours or so if it can be guaranteed after some tactical thought or meditation. He’d rather that his clerics live long enough to save as many tortured souls as possible before they must live in his domain, after all.

Quests: As wonderful as the Dawnbringer is to his faithful, they always dread being called upon for quests granted by the deity as it almost always involve the destruction of a powerful willing undead that will most likely be the end of the faithful’s life. However, he does occasionally give easier quests which usually involve locating and retrieving relics and artifacts that either represent his portfolios or that of his allies.

Prayers: Prayers uttered in Radriel’s name always glorify the light and warmth of the sun, even if the faithful is standing within the darkness of a deep cavern. They also usually name Radriel as Dawnbringer, though this isn’t necessarily a rule.

Temples: Temples dedicated to Radriel are always large and have massive windows – both clear and stained-glass – that allow the sun’s light to completely fill the interior no matter what part of the day it is. Some of the more uncommon ones may be open to the elements in order to better allow the Dawnbringer’s light in without any filter at all.

Rites: As a deity who holds the cycles of life and death as sacred above all else, Radriel’s clerics understand that every circle must always find its end in order to begin anew again. As such, willing undead are abominations defying the cycle while unwilling undead must be given a merciful release to continue their spiritual journey. The faithful conduct a day-long ritual beginning at dawn to aid these lost souls on the equinox and solstice of every year at the nearest temple dedicated to the Dawnbringer. If a cleric cannot make it to a temple in time, then any open location where the sunrise can be viewed without obstruction will suffice.


Herald or Allies: Radriel is actually on good terms with Velehemus, the god of Death, and Ralurthane, god of Night, as all three follow the natural order. The Dawnbringer generally doesn’t agree with Frostmyr, and more than a handful of times has his flock had conflict with Zaragar’s; the latter’s willingness to circumvent the natural flow of mortality by turning to undeath is considered a serious problem.


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