Before 0 CY (Chaos Year) – Takeshi and Hu Tsung Shou founded. A mysterious fog of seemingly supernatural nature came into being over the northwestern oceans.

62 CY – Zhenin Continent founded as a single kingdom of various tribes and nomads.

78 CY – Tyr’Ghale founded, though the people remained nomadic.

91 CY – Almase founded as a monarchy.

162 CY – Wyrrh’Vaelan founded as a monarchy.

211 CY – Layra Ve’laine founded as a Republic.

328 CY – Rielreef Islands (then known as Pirates’ Haven) founded.

600-850 CY – Almase soil somehow began to lose its fertility; desertification completed by 850 CY.

629-735 CY – War erupts on the Zhenin Continent between various factions and kingdoms.

740 CY – The Zhenin Continent splits: Algeroth, Necidia, and Nedros become three separate kingdoms (with the yet-unfounded Tarmalaine under Nedros’ rule). All three are monarchies.

780-790(?) CY – The DarkWar between Necidia and Nedros. The exact dates are unknown, but it is believed that the inclusion of the horrid, incomprehensible creatures from a dark, unknown dimension of shadow caused many involved to completely forget the period. After the war ended, these things of horror have never been seen again, though some mad prophets believe that the twisted dimension will eventually absorb the world in its dark embrace. The reason for the DarkWar has also been lost to history.

832 CY – Tyr’Ghale becomes a Republic.

873 CY – The last year in the Chaos Year calendar.

0 YG – Year of the Gods calendar created.

4 YG – Council of Magi in Algeroth is founded as the corrupt king is deposed in a dramatic rebellion.

61 YG – The mages of the Zhenin Continent institutionalize a formulaic method of magic called “Incantation;” the Eight Schools of Magic are created and quickly become widespread.

68 YG – Song Magic, Force Magic, Geometry Magic, and Alchemy discovered by various mages throughout the Zhenin Continent.

79 YG – Vel’ghul Maygrim, the world’s first Wild Mage, writes down his discoveries in the unpredictable school of magic.

117-119 YG – Lord Baldaroy Tarmalaine leads a grand uprising in south Nedros, declaring that the land be free from a monarch’s rule. Though weak compared to Nedros’ might, the rebels find an ally with neighboring nation Algeroth. Although Necidia begins the war as Nedros’ ally, the kingdom turns the tide of battle by defecting to the Rebel-Algeroth alliance. In a dramatic turn of events, Tarmalaine earns its independence in the winter of 119 YG.

124 YG – Last king of Necidia dies without an heir. The Temples of Vynn and Perrycus collectively take over the nation’s political needs, believing it to be temporary until a new king could be reinstated.

125 YG – Nedros takes advantage of Necidia’s lost monarch and attempts to conquer their one-time allies. However, Tarmalaine, in appreciation of earlier aid, rises up against Nedros within Necidia’s borders. Surprised at the strength and ferocity that the gentle people of Tarmalaine displayed during their own uprising only years earlier, Nedros falls back, taking only minimal casualties.

301 YG – After almost two centuries of being in charge, the Necidian Church declares the nation a Theocracy under the guidance of Vynn and Perrycus.

352 YG – Magic becomes outlawed in Tyr’Ghale as the Tyr Council is all but annihilated by a rogue
wizard. One of the Council, a powerful Evoker who had retired years prior, protected what remained of the Council House and managed to kill the rogue mage. Ellis Vyanna, the evoker, then decreed that magic use be outlawed within Tyr’Ghale’s boundaries completely (and is punishable by Magic Negation and possible time in the dungeon). Tyr’Ghale becomes a monarchy.

394-399 YG – The Shadow War. One of the most devastating wars ever to occur in the land, the Shadow War is the culmination of heated negotiations between the many races of Wyrrh’Vaelan, Nedros, Rielreef Islands (then known as Pirates’ Haven or Pirate Isles), Algeroth, and Tyr’Ghale. Many suffered and died throughout the five-year battle (ending in winter of 399 YG), and entire races were lost in the battle (such as the River Gnomes, the Forest Gnomes, the satyrs and centaurs of Algeroth, the indigenous humans of Tyr’Ghale, and the Plains Dwarves). As a result of the carnage, many of the remaining demihuman races – even some humans – retreated from the political struggles that humanity tends to incite.

401 YG – The nation of Hu Tsung Shou suddenly finds itself under attack by Wyrrh’Vaelan. With Takeshi’s sudden aid, however, the two nations are able to defeat the hostile army.

657 YG – Keidran is founded by Balderov Dumas Keidran, sworn protector of a member of Algeroth’s Council of Magi, Agathas Forwynus.

691 YG – The last dragon known to co-exist with humanoids – a female Noble Dragon named Ythainiliana – withdraws from public view.

702 YG – Pirates’ Haven becomes known as the Rielreef Islands. Layra Ve’laine requested immediate assistance from any who could make it as their only city was under siege by an army led by a deadly Viraath-Dydaen alliance. The two unholy creatures sought to conquer the city in order to gain access to the lost catacombs beneath it. Luckily, Tyr’Ghale sent a large force that caught the attacking army in a fatal pincer. The Viraath and the Dydaen escaped, but their army – a mix of krilloths, lizardfolk, and even a few giants (all both living and undead) had been decimated. In thanks, the kingdom of Layra Ve’laine swore to honor one favor to the then-humble kingdom of Tyr.

705 YG – The necromancer Dagger Skullgaunt suddenly appears at Castle Nedros – with an army of undead behind him. Though the siege was brutal, the attack ended almost as quickly and suddenly as it began when Dagger perished. To this day, no one knows why he led the siege and what had finally killed him (though the most common rumor is that he had gone insane from dark magic that finally took his life in the end).

709 YG – The Holy Tribunal of Wyrrh’Vaelan becomes the ruling power of the frosty land as the final monarch is overthrown (assassinated) by the High Cleric, Brother Quentus Maxivall. The Holy Guards become Kal’s Elite Inquisition, the High Cleric’s own group of elite troops and assassins.

721 YG – The last benevolent monarch of Tyr’Ghale, Nirrus Vyanna, is succeeded by his tyrannical cousin, Lady Gwenneth Celeste. Gwenneth changes her title to “The Matron Celeste” and decrees that only those who serve her faithfully may learn and use magic; all others are punishable by magic drain and death.

724 YG – Tyr’Ghale attempts to conquer the desert nomads of Almase. United, the dervishes beat back the aggressors, using their knowledge of the desert land to their advantage.

741 YG – Tyr’Ghale is defeated in their second attempt to conquer Almase.

753 YG – Calling upon the favor owed by Layra Ve’laine, Tyr’Ghale nearly succeeds in conquering Almase. However, the Corsairs of the Rielreef Islands, having learned of the third attempt through spies and believing the two nations despicable for taking action against the Almesian nomads, laid an ambush for the Tyrish-Layran alliance’s reinforcements. The desert nomads survived their third and final siege from the west and became eternal allies of the Corsairs.

764 YG – “The Tyrish Maze”, a vastly unexplored labyrinth of catacombs and natural caverns beneath Tyr’Ghale, is discovered. The only entrance to this dangerously confusing place is located near Castle Tyr’s southern keep. Matron Celeste orders that this be made into a business, luring adventurers from all over the world to attempt the maze and selling tools and weapons at higher prices to the brave fools. Because of the introduction of the maze, the Matron Celeste lifts the no-magic law only where it concerns the labyrinth within and without.

796 YG – The first airship – dubbed “The Floating Bastille” – is completed in Necidia with the help of a handful of gnomes, dwarves, and elves. Over the course of the next hundred years, the nation begins work on perfecting the “Levitation Crystal”, which are rumored to aid in keeping these wonders aloft with fewer wizards.

811 YG – Legacy Campaign Begins


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