Legacy of the Ages

Courier message to Uncle Jorn

Haven’t written to you in a while Uncle. Honestly didnt think i would live this long. Inside is the log i started to write about the last few weeks working as a mercenary for Isard Galliniyer.I left off saying we were gonna help the goblins, make sure there orc comrades dont rebel and kill a horde of Krilloth’s.

Well i did what i normally do i set up the goblins as well as i could using there crossbows orcs in there lines. Hoped for the best as far as the orcs not turning on us too soon. Everything went well in the beginning goblins held and me and the big half-orc, Themisticles, held the line on the left. The tunnel behind us was compromised but it resulted in earth shaking and a new tunnel. We decided to leave the goblins to the defense and take on this new threat. Taking the new tunnel we found some undead creatures and finally we stumbled across [DEAD] Kruk’tharn, orcs, Krilloths and a [DEAD] Krilloth Sorcerer controlling a giant earth creature. I did what i was taught i snapped the big Orc’s weapon like a twig and crushed him dead, with the help of my comrades we drove off the krilloth and killed there leader.

The goblins held a celebration for us and we were given quarters, Kruktharn’s quarters, inisde this place we found a hiddencache of old weapons and armor that prolly the former occupant didnt even know about. Zerrin Lancaster’s armor, Shriek,and Amulet of Sorrow all with lots of history im not gonna bore you with.

Our next step was still investigate this outpost killing, Bk’argkh sent us to a good source of intel for the area a ranger up the mountain named [DEAD] Rynn. She was a nice piece if you like the twigs in the hair type. She said we might be looking for a bounty hunter named Graben. Graben it seems might be the one that turbs into “stone”. Anyway Bastionwall was our goal Graben comes in for jobs there.

After some investigating into this hunter character things arent adding up, weapons types and his personality didnt fit the profile so much i mean he was an Algerothian but that means nothing. Low and behold after a frank talk with him and some snooping it looked like this man had nothing to do with the outpost and that Rynn was throwing us off the trail and she was involved somehow.



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