Staff of Blight

A bone staff that seems to bleed drops of acid.


Staff of Blight, Caster Level 12

Can be wielded as a Staff +2 that deals 1d6 acid damage in addition to weapon damage. Acid damage can be increased for one round for an additional 1d6 damage per charge expended. Contains 10 charges and is rechargable.

Staff can cast the following spells:

  • Acid Splash, 3 castings for 1 charge (can be held, but must be used up before using another power or is lost)
  • Acid Arrow, 1 charge
  • Vitriolic Sphere, 2 charges (as Fireball, but with acid damage instead)
  • Acid Wreath, 2 charges (as Fire Shield, except it deals acid damage and provides the benefits of Improved Evasion [half damage from acid, no damage on successful save] against all incoming acid damage)

Legend tells of an old Black Dragon named Relgarrantinomus who was slain by a group of adventurers led by a Platinum Knight (a Paladin dedicated to the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut). The group’s wizard fashioned this staff from one of Relgarrantinomus’s bones, enchanting it with magic to bring forth its latent power.

Staff of Blight

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